Self Paced: Navigating Storm Damage Restoration
Self Paced: Navigating Storm Damage Restoration
Self Paced: Navigating Storm Damage Restoration
Self Paced: Navigating Storm Damage Restoration

Self Paced: Navigating Storm Damage Restoration

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Master the Art of Storm Damage Restoration

Are you ready to delve deep into the world of Storm Damage Restoration (SDR)? Do you want to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to restore properties affected by severe weather events? Your search ends here! Enroll in our Navigating Storm Damage Restoration course and gain invaluable insights into the entire SDR process.

What You'll Learn

With our expertly designed course, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the insurance roofing process and the claim procedure.
  • Learn about the payment process of insurance roofing, including the calculation of replacement cost value.
  • Get insights into the systems and processes for successful insurance restoration roofing.
  • Understand the roles of a salesperson in the production process, sales, and the administrative process.
  • Learn how to design a winning compensation structure and recognize opportunities to upsell a client.
  • Understand the pros and cons of storm damage restoration work.

Navigating Storm Damage Restoration Course Guide

As part of the course, you'll receive a comprehensive course guide, filled with essential information to help you understand each module thoroughly. This invaluable resource also features key takeaways for each module, ensuring you can quickly reference and apply your newfound knowledge in real-life scenarios.

Why You Need This Course

Mastering the field of Storm Damage Restoration will not only equip you with the skills to restore properties but also open up new avenues for your career. Stay ahead of the curve, and become a sought-after professional in the SDR industry.

Take Action Now!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills in storm damage restoration. Enroll in the Navigating Storm Damage Restoration course today and start making a difference in your career.

Course Preview

Click here for a preview of this course to see what it will be like when you get started!

Course Approval

This course is approved for Continuing Education (CE) Credit by the NC Licensing Board for General Contractors (Course Code: 5064) for 2 CE Credit Hours. Per NCLBGC Rules, this course will expire 30 days from the purchase date or on 11/30, whichever is sooner.